College Girl is a 1978 Hindi movie. Produced by Shantilal Soni, the film is directed by S. D. Narang. The film stars Sachin, Bindiya Goswami, Rita Bhaduri, Bhagwan, Paintal, Heena Kausar and Shreeram Lagoo. The film’s music is by Bappi Lahiri. There are 2 lovely songs in the movie, “Nahin chahiye heere moti na dhan daulat ki shaan”, A very rare devotional song by K.J. Yesudoss and Chandrani Mukherji. Another beautiful song is Kishore Kumar’s “Pyar mangha hai tumhese na inkar karo”. The story is about a college girl who is cheated and raped by her lover. She files a case against him but could not punish him, because she needs proof. Her elder sister, who is a lawyer, tries to collect the evidence, but is caught by the villain, and when he tries to rape her, the college girl who was seeking vengeance for destroying her future, shoots and punishes him in the climax of the movie. The role of the college girl is played by Rita Bhaduri and her sister by Bindiya Goswami. The playboy villain is Sudhir.

There are many adult visuals in the movie, though it is meant to be a family drama. Bindiya and Sachin are the hero and heroine, though there are more sequences for the comedian Paintal, with 3 songs for him sung by Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Mahendra Kapoor. Sachin is the hero, but it seems there is not much role for him in the movie. Insaf Ka Tarazu seems to be inspired by this movie. Golden Tate III Jersey




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